Welcome to the History Page of the WATER VALLEY INN !!

The history of  Water Valley Dates back to 1816 when Wilhelm Willink and others sold the premises to Set Grosvenor. The Water Valley Inn has always been a Tavern and at the turn of the century was also a stagecoach stop and offered rooms to tired travelers,cattlemen driving their animals, and farmers taking their produce to Market to the city of  Buffalo from the Southern Tier. 

  Looking back as far as published records can tell us, from 1909-1944  the” Riverside Inn” as it was called, was owned and Operated by Wendell C. Held and his wife Rose.  He had been a surviving member of the Held Family who owned the Inn since 1874.  Since that time the Inn has had several owners. In the 1950’s Joe Opiela was the Innkeeper. In the 1960’s Eugene Ejbicz and his wife Claire were the Innkeepers and also lived upstairs with their children. In the 1980’s Frank and Alice Kozak were the owners  and when they decided to sell in 1990 to James Missert and his sister Debbie, they began the current ownership and management of the Water Valley Inn.